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Sports Therapist and co-owner Will formally ran WMJN Sports Therapy, working out of a ness centre 4 days a week whilst studying his Foundation Degree in Sports Therapy & Injury Rehabilitation. By working privately and renting a room, this allowed Will to practise what he was learning at the time, leading to completing over 100 clinical hours at university and over 500 outside which lead to a deepening understanding of a variety of different injuries. Will became interested in Sports Therapy from a young age, after suffering multiple injuries whilst playing football and seeking treatment from a sports therapist after trying a whole host of other professions. This lead to Will becoming fascinated about the human body and having empathy and understanding the struggle of athlete being sidelined through their injuries. Throughout the time of being a Sports Therapist, Will has worked alongside Plymouth Albion, Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club and also helped out with sporting events such as the Plymouth Half Marathon and the Newquay Surf Competition. 

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Sports Rehabilitator and co-owner Shannon started her private work through mobile treatments, allowing clients to enjoy their treatment in the comfort of their own home, before progressing on to work out of a health and wellbeing clinic, located in Plymouth. Through working out of the clinic at university and completing her own private work outside of this, Shannon managed to come out of the foundation degree with a huge amount of hours, allowing her to easily identify common conditions and become excellent at hands on treatment. With a background of Street Dance, Shannon understood how difficult injuries can be for not only athletes but the general population also and was committed to making a difference to each client she saw. Throughout the time of being a Sports Therapist, Shannon has worked alongside Plymouth Albion, Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club and also helped out with sporting events such as the Plymouth Half Marathon and the Newquay Surf Competition. 

After both successfully completing their Foundation Degree, we joined WMJN Sports Therapy and SLH Sports Therapy together to create The Therapy Hub. We opened our clinic with the aim to become more available with our growing client list and become able to offer the best treatment and care possible. Alongside this we completed our BSc in Sports Rehabilitation, which gave us the opportunity to offer different services such as Dry Needling and Dry Cupping therapy, along with a deeper understanding of exercise therapy and training to give our clients the results they deserve when booking a session with us. After opening our clinic over 1 year ago, we have had 1000 clients walk through our door and put their faith in our knowledge.

Therapist Will - Case Study

A client came to me with a damaged shoulder that have been getting progressively worse over a 2 year period. On examining the shoulder, it was clear that the issue was impingement of the supraspinatus tendon, causing a loss of movement and severe pain in the neck, shoulder and arm region. The treatment started with Sports Massage to the pectoral muscles to help the shoulder sit in the correct position, alongside this light joint mobilisations and kinesiology tape was used o open the joint capsule to improve the range of motion. Once the movement had improved to a significant level, mobility exercises and light resistance band based exercises were prescribed. Following a carefully designed pan at home, my client progressed to more challenging exercises that aimed to strengthen muscles of the posterior chain, including the middle and lower trapezius, rhomboids major and minor and the serous anterior. Alongside the new rehabilitation plan, I included new treatment methods such as Dry Needling and Cupping Therapy to allow for pain reduction and increased movement through breaking down scar tissue that had formed over time due to this being a chronic injury. After successful treatment of the Tendinopathy, my client was able to continue her work and train how she wanted to at the gym.

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What did the client say?

”Over the time Will has worked my shoulder by using massage, taping, dry needling and cupping all of which have progressed my shoulder injury to an excellent standard whereas before I could not lift my arm over my head I can now achieve this with comfort and pain free. Will has also provided me with an extensive rehabilitation programme both in person and by sending me exercises that I can continue doing myself at home.

Will has also progressed to assist me with lots of other areas/injuries as due to the amount of exercise I do find there is always a need for his excellent services!”

- Erica S.

Therapist Shannon - Case Study

A young athlete came to see me regarding a new hamstring injury that had just occurred, during a competition within her sport, fencing. After assessing her injury and diagnosing it as a Grade 2 Bicep Femoris Strain, the first phase of treatment was carried out. This included Soft Tissue Therapy on the whole area to allow the muscles to become more supply and decrease pain whilst improvement pliability. The first phase of rehabilitation included activating the glute and quadricep muscles to take the pressure off of the hamstrings, and later went on to slowly increasing the load capacity of the injury muscle to hep it become stronger and therefore less likely for a rein jury to occur. Alongside the progressive programme that was followed at home and supervised once per week in the clinic by myself, I also introduced Dry Cupping Therapy And Kinesiology Taping to help ease the injured site and support the muscles for when my client needed to perform her training. After 4 weeks, my client was able to perform 6 reps of nordic curls with no pain recorded and had full mobility and flexibility back, I advised her to keep working on glutei activation and hamstring flexibility to prevent similar injures in the future.

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What did the client say?

”My daughter Inaas was able to return to competition at international level within 5 weeks of sustaining a hamstring injury

Shannon knew exactly what to do and when and took great care to make sure Inaas was understanding how to best approach her rehab”

- Perta T.